'Unruly passenger' causes uproar refusing to move handbag off train seat

A woman on a packed New Jersey train has caused uproar after refusing to move her handbag off a seat for other passengers.

Video footage shows the woman screaming at passengers who had asked the lady to remove her bag. A security guard is also heard reporting the "unruly passenger".

"It is already a late train, and you are delaying everybody," one man said to the lady, to which she responded that she didn't care.

"If you are not disabled, if you are not pregnant, I don't give a f***," she said.

"I don't want your bedbugs, I don't want your smell, you're disgusting."

Local media report that tensions were already high on the train due to police activity and police later asked her to leave the train.

The incident maddened people on Twitter, with one lady saying she would "have sat on that handbag".

"What a stroppy cow," she tweeted, while others called the passenger entitled.


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