US Speaker Nancy Pelosi's sarcastic clap at US President Donald Trump now a meme

Nancy Pelosi's reaction to US President Donald Trump's State of the Union address has gone viral.

Trump called on Washington to govern "not as two parties, but as one nation" during the speech on Wednesday, but it was not his speech that has the internet talking today.

Throughout the 82-minute-long address, Ms Pelosi, the speaker of the US House of Representatives, could be seen shaking her head and rolling her eyes, while unenthusiastically clapping for the President.

At the end of the speech Pelosi stood to clap with her arms outstretched in what looked like a sarcastic display of congratulations.

Now Ms Pelosi's clapping has been turned into a meme, and it's been labelled the #PelosiClap.

"When your man says he washed the dishes and needs to be praised," says one twitter user, alongside a video of Pelosi's clap.

Another has posted a still of the clap next to an image of Heath Ledger's 'Joker' clapping, noting the similarities between the two.

Ms Pelosi has clashed with the President a number of times, especially during the partial Government shutdown in January.

Reports from Washington claim the President does not like Ms Pelosi, who presides over a Democratic house and has said that she would not be giving him a cent of money for his proposed border wall.

Ms Pelosi sat next to Vice-President Mike Pence at the address, and the two had opposite reactions to the speech which preached bipartisanship and asked Democrats and Republicans to "choose greatness".

She was not the only person in the crowd who seemed displeased with the speech.

Previous Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders also refused to clap and looked disappointed with Trump's attacks towards socialism.

Ms Pelosi has not yet responded to the memes.


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