US woman dies after being viciously mauled by her own dogs

Warning: This article contains details that may disturb some readers.

A South Carolina woman has died after she was savagely attacked by her own pet dogs.

52-year-old Nancy Cherryl Burgess-Dismuke had been playing in her garden with her two Boxer mixes, when suddenly it all went wrong.

"They were trying to kill Miss Nancy," neighbour Amber Greer told WIS-TV.

"They wanted Miss Nancy to die. I don't know what their beef was with that lady, but they were trying to kill Miss Nancy."

Ms Burgess-Dismuke
Ms Burgess-Dismuke Photo credit: Facebook

Neighbours ran to assist Ms Burgess-Dismuke, with one grabbing an axe to fend off the dogs

"[The axe] was the only thing I could find, and then I went in," said neighbour Denzel Whiteside. "It was almost like the dogs didn't feel it at all."

Another neighbour described the dogs to WIS-TV as seeming "possessed".

Ms Burgess-Dismuke was rushed to Greenville Memorial Hospital, but died of her injuries at 10pm the same day, reports The Daily Mail.

The 52-year-old was a small woman. Her neighbour, Ms Greer said she couldn't have weighed more than 36 kilograms.

Officials said they will be euthanizing the two dogs on Friday.



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