US Woman used 54 blankets to hide dead mother's body for more than 40 days

US Woman used 54 blankets to hide dead mother's body for more than 40 days
Photo credit: Bristol Police

An American woman has been arrested for hiding her dead mother's body for 44 days in their Virginia home.

On Friday (local time), Bristol police Sgt Steve Crawford said 55-year-old Jo-Whitney Outland had been charged with concealing the body of her mother, Rosemary, in her home following her death in late December.

The body had been hidden under 54 blankets, while 66 air fresheners were used to disguise the smell as Ms Outland slept beside it, reports The Washington Post.

"I've handled a lot of deceased people but nothing of this magnitude," Mr Crawford said. "It's bizarre."

"Forty-four days in the house with a deceased person. What can you really say about that other than that you had to know that you had to call someone?"

A letter written by Ms Outland found within the home said her mother had died on December 29 and she had covered her with blankets after failing to revive her with CPR.

Mr Crawford said there were no signs of foul play, but Ms Outland hadn't called police as she was scared she would be arrested for the death.

In the following 44 days, Ms Outland refused to let relatives into the house and used a padlock to bolt the door shut. However, eventually a relative broke into the house by climbing through the window and found the body.

It was reportedly in a state of decomposition and mummification.

Ms Outland will appear in court on February 28, but so far has no legal representation.


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