Watch: CCTV footage shows terrifying kidnapping attempt at US petrol station

Watch: CCTV footage shows terrifying kidnapping attempt at US petrol station
Photo credit: Shreveport Police Department

Shocking CCTV footage from the US shows the moment a woman is shoved into a car in an alleged kidnapping.

The video, taken on February 10 and uploaded to the Shreveport, Louisiana Police Department Facebook page, has so far been viewed 127,000 times.

It shows a man wearing a dark hoodie walking through a petrol station forecourt before a lady walks to her car, and grabs her violently from behind.

The man shoves the startled woman into her car, where the two struggle for around a minute before the woman escapes out of the passenger side door.

The Shreveport Police Department said on Wednesday that they were still looking for the attacker, who they believe is violent.

"Detectives have combed the city and have not yet located or identified this man. They believe he will attack again."

Comments on the video question the lack of help from passengers inside a silver car that seems to stop next to where the victim and attacker were struggling, then drive off.

"They need to find the driver of the grey car and take them to jail as well, cause ain't no way in hell no one would pull up n not even attempt to help unless they had something to do with it (sic)," one person wrote.

Others commended the woman on putting up a fight and getting away from the attacker.

"Good for her for fighting!" said one comment.

"I have to give her kudos. It looked like she let him know she was there and if she'd had more room she would have kicked some butt," said another.


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