Watch: Terrifying new video shows moment Brazilian mining dam burst

A terrifying video has emerged showing the moment the Vale mining dam burst in Brazil, triggering a huge mudslide which caused mass casualties.

The video, playing in real-time, shows the frightening moments after the dam collapsed. A cloud of dust growing in size is the first sign of disaster.

A driver in a white vehicle in the background can be seen frantically trying to escape as a wall of thick sludge and mud encroaches.

The black and brown sea of iron ore mining waste spills out as another truck desperately speeds along the only land still untouched. But its efforts are fruitless as it and everything is eventually engulfed.

At a memorial service - held eight days on from the disaster - petals were scattered over the mine to honour the victims. Civil Defence and police stood together, taking a moment to reflect on the tragedy.

In Brumadinho, marchers lined the streets in protest and prayer, holding white sheets of paper with the names of those who died in the dam collapse.

Gathering at a makeshift memorial they lit candles for family and friends, many whose bodies are yet to be recovered.

An investigation into the collapse is underway and Brazilian authorities have arrested five people in connection to the dam failure - three who worked for Vale SA, the company that owns the dam.

The death toll has risen to 115 people, but with more than 200 still missing the search for bodies buried under mud and toxic waste continues.


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