Woman fined by homeowners association over 'offensive' mark left by parked car

A small shadow of a penis in snow.
The shadow. Photo credit: Reddit

A woman has been fined by her homeowners association (HOA) after the mark left by her parked car appeared to resemble genitals.

The woman posted on social media site Reddit that she was contacted by the (HOA) after using her car during a day with a small amount of snow.

Initially she didn't know what representatives were talking about when they emailed her.

"They [weren't] very specific at first, but they [said] it's about the snow and our cars. We are very confused. There is not enough snow to shovel."

A picture of the scene provided to the woman showed a mark with a fleeting resemblance to a penis in the snow.

The woman said she "died laughing" about the incident, but quickly realised it was serious.

"This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard of being fined for, and we flat out told them we weren't paying.

"Eventually, they realised we were serious about not paying, and since there were no by-laws on the books about something like this, they dropped it."

She later spoke to website The Drive, where she identified herself as "Kathryn", but refused to give a last name.

Kathryn told the website it wasn't the first time she's been in trouble with her HOA and had previously nearly seen her car towed from outside her home after the tag saying it belonged to her expired.

The new tags were delayed in the post and arrived one day late.