African-American detained while moving into home, police suspect burglary

An African-American man who was detained while moving into his new home is calling on the responding officers to lose their jobs.

Karle Robinson, a 61-year-old Marine veteran, was carrying a television from a moving van to his new home in Tonganoxie near Kansas City in August when police officers arrived and detained him, reports The Associated Press.

Suspecting a burglary was in progress, officers handcuffed the man.

During the ordeal, which occurred in the early hours of the morning, police told Robinson there had been a string of robberies recently in the area - but this has been disputed.

Video of the incident caught on police body camera show an officer draw his gun on Robinson who maintains the house was his.

"You just brought this house and you are moving at four in the morning?" police officer Brady Adams is heard saying.

Robinson is now calling for the cops to lose their roles.

"I'd like to see those cops and that chief lose their jobs because this was uncalled for  this is strictly racial profiling," Robinson told The Associated Press on Friday.

"[If I was white] we wouldn't even be having this conversation right now."

The American Civil Liberties Union is supporting the man and has asked state officials to investigate Robinson's detention as well as reports the man wasn't allowed to make a complaint.

Tonganoxie Police Chief Greg Lawson said the police department was cooperating with Robinson and the union. But he believes multiple accusations against police were inaccurate.

The union also contends police frequently drove past Robinson's house afterwards the incident, until the man complained to local media.


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