Aussie couple nearly loses house deposit after pizza shop blunder

It could have been the world's most expensive pizza ever - and not because of some fancy topping.

It briefly cost a Melbourne couple $20,000 and their dream of buying a house.

Earlier in the day, the two men had stopped out at a bank to withdraw almost AU$20,000 (NZ$20,600) for a house deposit. They then visited a pizza restaurant in the Melbourne suburb of Tarneit on Friday night.

But when they sat down, they didn't realise the wad of cash had fallen out of one man's pocket. Fortunately for them, the store's delivery driver noticed the large sum of money and kept it safe.

The pair frantically returned 20 minutes later - and were relieved to find all the money was still there. They were so grateful that they offered the store's owner, Shakir Arafath, a reward.

He declined, saying it's their money, not his.

"Even $20,000 or $200, money is money, it's someone's money," he told 7 News.


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