Australian driver gets slithery shock after discovering snake around feet

An Australian driver got the slithery shock of her life when what she thought was a phone charger brushing up her leg turned out to be an adventurous snake.

The Sydney woman had just left Palm Beach, on the Northern Beaches, with her partner at the weekend when she made the horrifying realisation - she'd picked up her hitchhiker.

"We were about five minutes into our journey. I thought it was my phone charger tapping my leg, then something wrapped around my leg and was moving," she told 7 News.

"I figured it came from under my chair [so] I looked down and saw what it was."

To her dismay, instead of a harmless piece of wire she discovered a long, green and beady-eyed serpent.

"Holy f**k! That snake was around my feet," she screamed in a video recorded during the turmoil.

But things got even worse for the unlucky couple, as the snake decided to climb up her leg and over the middle console to her partner.

He panicked and leapt out of his seat, shouting "stop the car".

There was no immediate relief, however, as she needed to find a place to pull over.

"I was on a major road and in the middle lane. Took me another 10 seconds to find a turnoff," the woman told 7 News.

"By this stage Joe Blake [the snake] had disappeared into the back. I turned off, pulled over immediately. We jumped out."

They then hunted through the car for the snake until they discovered it hiding in the spare tyre box.

It then slithered off into the distance, its free journey over.


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