Australian man cries in court after defending Christchurch terrorist

After standing in support of an accused mass killer, Australian man Chad Vinzelberg tried to run from his callous remarks.

But there was no escape in court where, facing weapons charges, he cried in the dock.

Police were alerted to Vinzelberg's illegal arsenal by a series of disturbing posts online.

The Adelaide man wrote on Facebook on Friday praising the actions of the gunman in Christchurch, and even calling for more attacks.

Police raided his home on Monday, uncovering weapons including a crossbow, a loaded replica pistol, flick knives and a baton hidden under his bed.

Now he's been banned from the internet while on bail.

For every act of hatred in Australia there are countless more of compassion and love.

At a vigil held last night in alleged gunman Brenton Tarrant's hometown Grafton, NSW, residents turned out to honour the 50 killed in Friday's Christchurch terror attack.

Grafton Mayor Jim Simmons says the community is reeling.

"We are in understandable shock and grief. That the alleged perpetrator came from such a close and caring community is almost impossible to comprehend."

In Melbourne, 5000 showed up to a vigil uniting religion, culture and race.

Mohamed Mohideen, the Islamic Council of Victoria President said Muslim people around the world would unite against the division.

"We will rise above the hate and create a society that is more loving to one another."


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