Australian man's 'breathing exercises' spark armed offenders squad call-out

A whole lot of escalators.
The interior of Flagstaff Station. Photo credit: Google Maps

A busker's "breathing exercises" caused an armed offenders squad call-out during morning commuting in Melbourne on Thursday.

Flinders St Station was completely shut down due to reports of a man carrying a duffle bag and exhibiting "suspicious behaviour", 9 News reports.

Police later realised the behaviour deemed suspicious was very heavy breathing.

Police received reports the man had a gun in the bag and began evacuating commuters around 8:30am (local time).

Metro Trains spokesperson James Ireland told 9News there was a report a gunman was on a train, leading to it being stopped in Flagstaff and police investigating.

Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton said the station had reopened by 10:37am and police were confident the public's safety was not at risk.

"The team conducted a search of the train and were after that content that there was no firearm on the train," Ashton told 3AW.

Police will stay in the area on Thursday and continue to investigate the incident. They're confident there is no ongoing threat to the community.