Australian woman fighting to keep her five crocodiles in her home

An Australian woman is fighting to keep her five beloved crocodiles in her home after authorities said she doesn't have the proper safety precautions in place.

Melbourne woman Vicki Lowing has lived with a variety crocodiles in her home for 40 years, including Jilfia, a three-metre long saltwater crocodile.

But Lowing said the state of Victoria's environment department wants her to get rid of the croc after the agency wouldn't renew her license to home the animal due to concerns about its enclosure.

"There is a safety risk, but the saltwater crocodile is completely locked up in an enclosure," she told 7News.

"It seems to be made up stuff like I treat my crocodiles more like domestic pets than actual caged animals."

While Jilfia can wander freely around her home and backyard, Lowing said there is a fenced area to provide an extra safety barrier.

Lowing said she understood there would be a time where Jilfia would need to be "moved on" due to the crocodile's size, as well as the woman's age, but she didn't like being forced to do it.

But she is also concerned that authorities may eventually want to also get rid of her four other freshwater crocodiles, which are kept in a locked room and she believes are not dangerous to humans.

Lowing is most protective of Johnie, who she has had for 23 years.

"I feel threatened that they're going to take her," she said.

"It's like having your children torn away from you."

The woman said she didn't want to see her crocodiles die from the stress of being removed from her, and is going to court to keep them.

A spokesperson for the state's Environment, Land, Water and Planning Department said it supported cancelling the license and wouldn't comment further.


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