Baby dies in Italy after parents perform home circumcision

Baby dies in Italy after parents perform home circumcision
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An infant boy in Italy has died after his parents botched a home circumcision.

Italian news sources said the five-month-old was taken to a hospital in Bologna by helicopter, but died overnight from cardiac arrest.

The prosecutor's office in the northern province of Reggio Emilia has opened a manslaughter investigation.

The death follows a similar case from December 2018 when a two-year-old underwent a botched home circumcision and died of blood loss, while his twin brother survived after intensive care treatment in Rome.

AAP report Italy's Roman Catholic majority do not practice circumcision, but many immigrants practice circumcision for cultural and religious reasons, and sometimes have trouble accessing the surgery in hospitals.

Some doctors refuse to perform the surgery until the child is above four years old, and for other families, the cost is too high.

The founder of the Association of Foreign Doctors in Italy (AMSI), Foad Aodi, appealed to health authorities to allow circumcisions at an affordable price to help the fight against home-style surgeries.


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