Canadian neo-Nazis under investigation for posts about Christchurch terror attack

Two prominent Canadian white nationalists are under investigation after making contentious posts in the wake of the Christchurch terror attack last week.

Fifty people were killed and dozens more injured in shootings at two mosques in the city.

And now Paul Fromm, the leader of the Canadian Association for Free Expression, and Kevin Goudreau, an admitted neo-Nazi, are under investigation in Canada for their actions after the attack.

Ontario Police are looking into Fromm's decision to share the alleged gunman's full manifesto to his organisation's website.

While he didn't explicitly support the act of terrorism, he did suggest the alleged perpetrator's reasoning for carrying out the attack were "cogent". He also wrote that "when debate and dissent are silenced by 'hate laws' you make violence almost inevitable".

Ontario Police are currently looking into the post on his website "to determine if a criminal offence has occurred", they told Global News.

Meanwhile, Goudreau is accused of urging his Facebook friends to launch attacks against a series of targets - including the likes of VICE, Antifa, the Canadian Anti Hate Network and Anti-Racism Canada.

While the post was made from an account matching his name, Goudreau denies it was him and blames "leftists who feed hysteria about ethno-nationalists".

Goudreau, who has a swastika and a shotgun tattooed on his chest, told The Peterborough Examiner he "[doesn't] condone any sort of violence like that at all".

Peterborough Police told media they are "aware of the information being posted and circulated on social media regarding potential threats or hate crimes".

Investigations are ongoing.