Christchurch attack: UK man standing guard for Muslims goes viral

A UK man made headlines around the world with his heartwarming reaction to the Christchurch terror attacks.

Manchester man Andrew Graystone was horrified when he saw news of the shooting, which killed 50 people.

He knew he wanted to show his local Muslim community his support, so decided to stand outside his local mosque on Friday with a sign.

"You are my friends. I will keep watch while you pray," it read.

A photo of him with his sign has since gone viral, with tens of thousands of people touched by his gesture.

Speaking to Magic Talk on Tuesday, he said he decided to do it as he thought local Muslims would be feeling "very sad, very sad, and perhaps frightened".

"You could see people wondering what I was doing at first. Perhaps they thought I was some sort of protester with a placard," he told the Manchester Evening News.

"But as they saw the message they smiled and after prayers they came out to thank me. People said they were glad to be supported."

Someone took a photo of Graystone outside the mosque, which then went viral on social media.

"As the day went on I began spotting it in more and more places and I started getting messages from Muslims all over the world," he says.

He has now received over 50,000 messages from supporters praising him for his kind actions. And he has a message to the world - "choose friendship over fear".

"What I wanted to say to people is we have a choice. When something awful like this happens we have choice of how we can respond. We can respond with friendship or we can respond with fear," he told Magic Talk.

"And I've had just tens of thousands of people saying 'yup friendship is what we're going to choose'."