Christchurch terror attack 'exposes flaws' of the 'weakening' Western world, Chinese media claims

Last week's terror attack in Christchurch "exposes the flaws" of the "weakening" Western world, a state-owned Chinese news website claims.

The Global Times, a media outlet considered a mouthpiece for the Chinese government, made the comment in an editorial that also criticised the West as a "weakening" force.

Shootings at two mosques in Christchurch on Friday claimed 50 lives and left dozens injured.

"The West currently lacks the conditions to duly reflect on this issue," the article reads.

"There are numerous problems in Western society, but only a few can be pointed out and resolved. Neither political forces nor strong leaders have appeared to encourage institutional reflection.

"The West's fierce criticisms are political attacks between different factions. In the West, it is commonly and solidly believed that the West is generally perfect and superior."

But China has also suffered a number of terror attacks over the years; 33 people were killed when a Uyghur separatist group stormed a Kunming railway station and stabbed passengers, and many more attacks have been carried out in the Xinjiang region.

The editorial also censures the West for making it so Muslims "cannot integrate into society" - a remark that will appear hypocritical to human rights groups accusing the Chinese government of attempting to violently stamp out religion in its own nation.

President Xi Jinping has forced millions of Muslims into 'brainwashing camps' where they are made to eat pork and drink alcohol, Human Rights Watch claimed last year.

Later in the editorial, the writer claims "the Western political system discourages overall planning and long-term solutions", and says "poor political and social governance is common".

"It is shocking that such a serious attack happened even in a usually peaceful nation. But given the country's size, New Zealand's measures are of little importance to the West," it continues.

"The West is entering a problematic period that strikes at its very foundation."

The Global Times has criticised New Zealand many times in recent months.

The condemnation is believed to stem from the Government's refusal to let China-owned Huawei build parts of our 5G network in November. The outlet accused New Zealand of "stabbing [China] in the back" with its decision.


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