Conjoined twins return home to village in Bhutan after surgery to separate them

Former conjoined twins Nima and Dawa have arrived home in their native Bhutan after being away for five months.

The girls were joined at the torso and liver, until life-changing surgery in Australia last year.

While they're now independent, they remain connected - they shared a seat on the journey home.

After the journey of two little lifetimes, this family couldn't be happier to be home.

The twins will take their very first steps on home soil, which would've seemed impossible months ago.

They arrived in Melbourne in October malnourished, yearning for space and struggling to grow.

But a marathon six-hour surgery in November gave the two girls each a life of their own.

Their mother, Bhumchu Zangmo, couldn't be happier, according to Debbie Pickering from the Children First Foundation.

"Bhumchu just wanted to thank everyone from the bottom of their hearts for everything that's been done for her and especially her two little girls."

The twins are passing major milestones - Nima is standing on her own two feet her sister Dawa is close behind.

"They're just developing into beautiful little girls. They're delightful in every way" says Ms Pickering.



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