Court reveals details of 9000 texts sent by Sydney doctor Denise Lee after failed Tinder affair

Denise Lee and Mathew Holberton
Denise Lee and Mathew Holberton. Photo credit: AAP

A Sydney doctor allegedly sent 9000 text messages to a former Tinder flame, including threats such as "whatever you value most, I'll target".

Denise Lee, now 39, met Mathew Holberton on the dating app in 2015, after which they had sex twice.

In evidence brought to court and reported by, police prosecutors presented a string of "vicious", "threatening" and "intimidating" text messages sent by Ms Lee over a four-month period during and after their brief relationship.

While her messages to Mr Holberton begin in the vein of a typical rejected lover, they quickly escalate after it becomes clear that it's a one-sided affair.

"I was happy to go out with you. I didn't know it was just for sex. That changes it," she texts.

Two days later she follows up with the message: "You're not going to get away with it," before a month later telling Mr Holberton "you are going to regret taking me for a f**king ride and being dishonest with me" and, "I will get my revenge."

Among the thousands of other messages are further threats such as, "I've got quite a few surprises planned for you a**hole," and "I am going to f**k your life up."

Emails were also allegedly sent to Mr Holberton's new girlfriend and her parents.

Ms Lee has since been charged with two counts of stalking, one of contravening an AVO and six counts of using a carriage service to harass or menace.


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