Doctors perform emergency C-section on UK woman who wasn't pregnant

Doctors in the UK performed an emergency C-section on a dying woman following a horrendous car crash, only to realise there was no baby to extract from her uterus.

Adele Barbour was struck by a car in Lincolnshire when she pulled out in front of it in January 2018.

It's now emerged that emergency crews made a call to perform an emergency C-section on her because they noticed she had a protruding stomach, Lincolnshire Live reports.

However, the reason her stomach was swollen was due to surgery she'd had several decades prior, to treat spina bifida.

An East Midlands Ambulance Service worker said in the inquest that "in [his] opinion from the evidence, I don't think that the crew could have done any more than they did" with the limited information they had.

"I would not recommend a different course of action," he said.

Ms Barbour later died in hospital, but despite having two opportunities to tell the family about the C-section, medical staff failed to do so.

Her sister, Sarah-Jane Spence, was disappointed by this.

"United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust have a duty of candour to be open and honest but they were not and that caused us additional heartache," she said.

"I truly believe that the interests of everyone involved in her care was to save her life, but knowing the truth would have helped us with this process."


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