Dutch husband of IS bride wants to take family home to the Netherlands

The Dutch husband of Islamic State (IS) bride Shamima Begum says he would like his family to return to the Netherlands, even if it could result in a jail sentence.

Yago Riedijk, 27, told BBC News he has rejected IS and wants to return to his home country with his wife and newborn son.

However, that move could come at a steep price.

A spokesperson for Dutch immigration told The Guardian: "To be clear, the Netherlands don't offer any help to Dutchmen in Syria willing to return. If someone reports at a Dutch embassy or consulate, that person will be transported to the Netherlands, arrested and prosecuted."

Under Dutch law a prosecution could result in a six-year jail sentence for Mr Riedijk.

"If he gets sent back to prison in Holland I can just wait for him while he is in prison," said Ms Begum told ITV News.

"I don't know how I would be seen as a danger. I'm not going to go back and provoke people to go to ISIS or anything, if anything I'm going to encourage them not to go because it's not all as it seems in their videos."

The family's other options to remove themselves from Syria are unclear.

UK home secretary Sajid Javid ordered Ms Begum's British citizenship be revoked on February 19, despite her having no other nationality. It is illegal for any country to make its citizens stateless under UN law.

Meanwhile, the foreign ministry in Bangladesh - where Ms Begum's parents were born - have stated that Ms Begum would not be entitled to Bangladeshi citizenship.

Mr Reiedijk also told BBC News he was imprisoned in Raqqa and tortured after the group accused him of being a Dutch spy.


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