Facebook, Instagram down

Facebook and Instagram are reportedly down.

Users are complaining of not being able to get onto the Instagram app, while Facebook's desktop site and app are also not working.

Both services are owned by the same company. WhatsApp, another app owned by Facebook, has also been affected.

Website DownDetector shows thousands of people have reported problems with the apps, mostly focused in the United States and Europe.

This could be simply down to time zones though. It's currently around late afternoon in the United Kingdom and early afternoon in the eastern United States.

But the effects have reached New Zealand, as Parliament announced via Twitter select committees will not be livestreamed on Facebook on Thursday.

"Due to today's global Facebook outages, select committee meetings will not be livestreamed this morning. Public meetings will be recorded and uploaded to committees' Facebook pages later today." 

Twitter, which is not owned by Facebook, is still working and users are posting memes to express their feelings about the outage.

One user posted a picture of Dobby the house elf from Harry Potter, implying they are free from Facebook.