Fatal shooting of Kiwi man in Melbourne caught on camera

Dashcam footage has captured the moment a Kiwi man was gunned down outside a Melbourne boxing event.

Ben Togiai died at the scene on Friday evening, 7News reports, leaving behind a three-year-old daughter.

His distraught wife told media he will be remembered as "a good man and a loving father".

Dashcam footage taken by a couple who witnessed the incident shows three gunshots sound, followed by one more seconds later, as panicked bystanders scatter. A man wearing a satchel then runs away.

More shots could be heard further up the street as people take cover.

Three men were shot in the space of 26 seconds, Mr Togiai fatally, while two others in their mid-thirties sustained serious injuries.

Police are now searching for three men believed to have been involved, 27-year-old Abdullah El Nasher and his 28-year-old brother Ali El Nasher and 25-year-old Mikhael Myko.

The authorities said anyone who sees them should call 000, Australia's equivalent of 111, immediately.


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