German family donating millions after discovering ancestors supported Nazis, kept slaves

One of Germany's richest families will donate millions of dollars to charity after discovering family members had been avid supporters of the Nazis.

The Reimann family told German newspaper, Bild, they had conducted an internal investigation which showed Albert Reimann Sr and Albert Reimann Jr used Russian civilians and French prisoners of war as forced labourers during World War Two.

The family, which owns the Reimann's JAB Holding Company, has controlling stakes in US café chain Pret a Manger, Krispy Kreme doughnuts, and other businesses.

Family spokesperson Peter Harf said the family never spoke about the Nazi era, but the investigation showed that the father and son, both now dead, "belonged in jail".

He said the family planned to publish the findings of their research and donate €10 million (NZ$16.4 million) to charity.