London man spotted riding his bike like a flamingo

The odd way one man was spotted riding his bike on a London street has baffled some social media users.

A video captured in Beckton shows a man standing on his bike seat with on leg, while repeatedly kicking the other leg in the air.

Local resident Daniela Silvia Cioaba captured the footage, captioning the post: "This is how you ride a bike in Beckton these days."

Daniela was sitting on the bus when she saw the man ride past.

"I was waiting for the bus and he did a few rounds like this and I thought to film him because he was funny," she told Newshub.

"I believe he was just practicing."

Viewers on Facebook were quick to suggest some explanations behind the odd riding style, including one person who thought he may have been doing an impression of an elephant.

"I thought he was an elephant and that his raised leg was the trunk."

Another commenter stated this man was the one riding the bike correctly, quipping:

"I knew I was doing it wrong."

The cyclist was spotted in Beckton Triangle Retail Park, which one user commented was the reason behind the spectacle.

"The Beckton Triangle has that effect on everyone."

Most of those who commented agreed the cyclist was impressive, whatever the reason for his flamingo-like cycling.


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