No plans to change the name of Tarrant Bridge - Australian council

There are no plans the change the name of Tarrant Bridge, an Australian landmark sharing the name with a man allegedly behind a mass shooting that killed 50 people.

The council of the Australian town Brenton Tarrant grew up in says there is currently "nothing on the agenda" regarding the issue.

The AM Show Australian correspondent Jason Morrison says the family and last name is quite well known in the city of Grafton.

"His family surname is so famous in Grafton that they've named a bridge after that family," he says.

"You drive into Grafton, you see that family surname on two or three signs over major buildings in the town."

But a spokesperson for the Clarence Valley Council, which covers the city of Grafton, says there is "nothing on the agenda" about changing the name of the bridge.

"Any move from council to change the name of the bridge would need to go to a council meeting," David Bancroft told Newshub on Monday.

"Unless something comes from the floor of the meeting that means a move to change the bridge name would not be likely to happen tomorrow [Tuesday]."

In order to get the name changed, it has to be done through the Geographical Names Board of NSW. The Clarence Valley Council can recommend name changes but can't approve them.

Morrison says there is some culpability in Australia because Tarrant wasn't on any watchlist or being looked at.

Tarrant will go down as a mark against the history of both countries, Morrison says.

"He will go forever in the history of both of our nations as a black mark and we hope one that will be resolved."

Most people are simply reacting in disbelief.

"Disbelief would be possibly the simplest and most useless thing you really can say, utter disbelief."


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