PETA's new bestiality milk meme arouses, revolts public

PETA has sparked revulsion and arousal with its latest stunt - a bestiality meme.

The animal rights activist group is infamous for its stunts. Previous attempts to get attention have included 'barbequing' a dog in public and tricking people into drinking 'dog milk'.

But its latest stunt might have topped them all - tweeting an image of an elderly man sucking on the large - and distinctly human - breasts of a humanoid cow.

"It's what you're doing if you drink cow's milk," the caption said.

"Raise your hand if you know that humans shouldn't be drinking cow's breast milk. It was made for their babies - not you!"

However, the group's "sexy" bestiality cartoon might not have had the effect it wanted.

"I don't quite understand. Do you have any more detailed pics," one person replied.

"If you think I won't jerk off to this you're #sorely mistaken," another person said.

Others weren't so turned on, and accused PETA of driving away the public with their "sick" ad.

"I'm gonna drink even more milk now," one person said.

But the ad seems to have accomplished its objective of once again getting people to talk about PETA. One person, perhaps tongue in cheek, agreed with its message - and said it didn't go far enough.

"PETA is trolling, but roving bands of breastfeeding cows is the only way to curb our reliance on wasteful paper and plastic milk containers," they tweeted in response.

"We should... we MUST be fully reliant on roving bands of breastfeeding cows by 2025."

Some suggested the man in the image bore a resemblance to US presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders or New Zealand's very own Don Brash.


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