Pig saved from slaughterhouse creates world famous art work

 Pig saved from slaughterhouse creates world famous art work
Photo credit: Instagram / pigcassohoghero

A gigantic pig, saved from being dinner has found her new calling - painting.

Aptly named Pigcasso is three-years-old and weighs over 450kg. Her art holds almost as much weight as she does, with her paintings selling for thousands of dollars.

She even has collaboration with watchmaker Swatch.

In 2016, Pigcasso was rescued from an industrialised hog farming facility - she now lives with her owner Joanne Lefson at a farm sanctuary just outside Cape Town in South Africa, reports CBS.

Ms Lefson said she gave the rescue pig some items to play with, and she gravitated towards the brushes immediately.

"For some reason she took a knack to the paintbrushes and it wasn't long before she was dancing the brush across the canvas and selling artworks all over the world," she told CBS News.

The pig painter uses a tailor made brush and child-friendly non-toxic paint to create her masterpieces.

She has hosted her own exhibition, and also sells her pieces online, as well as via a gallery at the sanctuary.

Her work has made close to $21,2244NZD for the sanctuary.

In March, Pigcasso launched collaboration with Swatch in celebration of the Chinese Year of the Pig.

All the proceeds from the sale of the limited edition watches will go to the sanctuary.



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