Russian warship with 'vomit-inducing' weapon spotted near England

A Russian warship with a "vomit-inducing" weapon has been spotted off the coast of Britain.

The weapon - a Filin 5P-42 - is a "visual optical interference" created to disrupt the sight of enemy forces, causing them to miss their shots by firing a strobe-like beam.

The beam temporarily blinds, and induces delirium and vomiting.

HMS Defender, a UK Royal Navy ship, is closely monitoring the Russian ship, reports the Independent.

The Russian ship is reportedly accompanied by three auxiliary ships.

"The Royal Navy is always standing ready to defend the UK," armed forces minister Mark Lancaster said.

"We will continue to work with our allies to shadow Russian ships passing through international waters close to our shore, to ensure the Russian navy follows the correct protocol on its journey."

HMS Defender will continue to shadow the Russian ships as they pass through the English Channel.