'Scary', 'disgusting' Aussie music event dubbed 'Fyre Festival 2.0' amid mudslides, understaffing

An Aussie festival has been dragged over the coals on social media after it descended into chaos over the weekend.

The NSW Wine Machine has been compared to the now infamous Fyre Festival of 2017 for its failure to deliver what it promised and its "dangerous" handling of extreme weather.

Tickets cost $150, and attendees were promised a day to remember. But the event was struck by destructive weather, causing the show to stop.

Torrential rain and dangerous lightning set in during The Presets' set, causing the event to shut down. However, the organiser's response to the elements is one of the reason ticket-holders are furious.

"When the storm hit, you guys were not concerned about the safety of your patrons," wrote one attendee in a now-deleted post.

"It was 'how quick can we kick them out into the lightning'. A tree came down in front of us and a guy broke his leg. So much for duty of care. You need to start thinking about your customers and not the $$$. Disgusting."

Aside from the wild weather, punters were angry over severe understaffing due to two minibuses carrying 32 members of bar staff breaking down. 

Bar queues were hours long, and furious attendees were only allowed two drinks per person due to strict licensing laws, reports 7 News.

Punters report queues for food were equally as terrible.

The main act, Hot Dub Time Machine, cancelled as soon as the weather packed in.

People who attended have also criticised the organisers for allegedly deleting complaints from their social media - something Fyre Festival organisers also did.

Fyre Festival drew massive criticism for its failure to deliver what was promised. The disastrous festival was also the subject of a documentary that detailed its failings.

Its organiser, Billy McFarland is currently serving a six year jail sentence for defrauding investors.