Scottish man convicted after tearing 2yo's intestines

Boy hold cage with eye sad and hopeless
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A Scottish martial arts fan has been convicted of attempted murder after nearly killing a two-year-old boy in a savage attack.

Glasgow man David McMullen left the toddler with gruesome wounds while babysitting shortly before Christmas in 2016. He had been training in Muay Thai at the time. The young boy was assaulted so violently he suffered a split to his colon and intestine area.

McMullen had been looking after the child while his mother was at work. She rushed home after McMullen said her son was sick and "freezing cold". By the time she arrived the infant's lips were blue.

They raced the child to the hospital where he was quickly given lifesaving surgery.

"I remember crying and being shocked. I just wanted to make sure my son was OK," his mother told jurors.

"The doctors were asking what happened, but I directed them to David as I was not there."

Surgeons told her that the injury was "non-accidental" - her son had been deliberately attacked.

But she refused to accept this, even insisting during the trial she did not believe McMullen was responsible.

McMullen told the court he had never deliberately hurt the boy, but was found guilty.

He has previously been charged with assaulting the same child between June and December 2016, and accused of putting a five-year-old boy in boiling water.


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