'Sick individuals' jump on Momo craze with copycat videos

Warning: This article discusses suicide and contains graphic content which may disturb some people.

"Sick individuals" are jumping on the Momo craze, deliberately creating content encouraging children to self-harm.

Momo has made headlines worldwide recently, after rumours circulated that the character was appearing during YouTube videos and telling children to take their own life or it would kill them.

These were revealed to be a hoax, with YouTube saying it had seen "no recent evidence of videos promoting the Momo Challenge" on its platform.

But the attention has now led to copycat videos being made and shared online.

One disturbing clip on Facebook starts off with a child making icecream. The Momo character has then been edited in, and tells children to "go find the sharpest toy you can find". It then gives graphic instructions on how to commit suicide.

"You have to be brave for Momo," the character says. "If you don't do it, Momo will come get you while you sleep."

A horrified New Zealand parent has shared stories of their kid's behaviour after watching the video.

Mother Candice Mijat-Brooking was called into her son's daycare after he started scaring his friends. But what she discovered left her "absolutely devastated".

"I asked cub if he has seen my special friend Momo to which is responded 'he's not your friend mummy he killed the baby in your belly'," she posted to Facebook.

"As a parent of four short years that was a moment where I had to really hold it together and not burst into tears.

"I'm devastated that I am my son's protector and I am meant to keep away from harm but instead was the one that put it straight into his hands as an iPad."

Another person who saw the clip has called out those responsible for jumping on the bandwagon.

"Sick individuals are reuploading content with their Momo piece inserted," they wrote on YouTube. "This video is disgusting and it's sad that people stoop this low."

It appears the moral panic over the hoax has only encouraged people to create dangerous content to get attention.

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