'Sickening' footage of man shooting a sleeping lion and celebrating its death

Warning - This article contains graphic images that may distress some people.

A man has been condemned worldwide after footage of him shooting a sleeping lion was posted online.

Video shared to the Protect All Wildlife Twitter shows two men shooting the animal, and then celebrating its death.

The lion is lying peacefully on the ground, before the man fires a shot at it. The animal begins to rise, and the hunter shoots again.

Once the two men are satisfied the lion is dead they inspect its body.

"Very nice lion, beautiful" says one of the men.

The video has disgusted the world, with Twitter users damning the hunter, and calling him a coward.

"What is wrong with these people," writes one user "They have to be sick in the head."

"What a vile human being he is. Need to let a pack of wolves enter his room while he's sleeping and have him for supper" writes another.



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