Taco Bell staff attack patrons, offer $14 voucher as apology

A fight breaks out outside a Taco Bell restaurant in Philadelphia
A fight breaks out outside a Taco Bell restaurant in Philadelphia Photo credit: Twitter

An entire team of workers at a Taco Bell restaurant have been fired after being caught beating up a man and his girlfriend outside the store.

The fight was allegedly triggered after customers who were dining in-store were made to wait over an hour for orders to arrive.

One disgruntled customer, Bryan Reese, confronted staff of the Philadelphia store about the wait times before he and his girlfriend were attacked.

"I backed out of the store, they continued to follow me," he told ABC6.

"They put me on the ground, and I don't really remember too much else. Except for when I got up my girlfriend was on the ground being beat, too. She wasn't even in the store at the time."

Mr Reese then posted on Twitter saying that he was offered a NZ$14 gift card from Taco Bell as an apology.

"We're shocked and disappointed to see this situation; we and our franchisees do not tolerate this behavior," a spokesperson said in a statement to NBC10.

"The franchisee who owns and operates this location is retraining its staff, and all team members involved have been terminated."

However, just days after the first incident came to light, another man came forward saying he was attacked at the same restaurant .

Kamarie Scott, who works for food delivery service Grubhub, told NBC10 he and the staff began to argue over slow orders. The argument escalated before they began to yell homophobic slurs at him, according to Mr Scott.

"At that point I then was fed up after being called out of my name several times and I tossed the soda behind the counter," Scott said. "I didn't hit anybody. I then proceeded to go to my car and just leave."

Mr Scott said some of the employees then chased after him, attacked him and damaged his car.

"Three employees hopped a counter," Scott said. "They ran over to my driver side door banging, kicking, screaming, calling me more homophobic slurs."

Police are investigating both incidents.


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