Teen trapped in 'Groundhog Day' life after brain resets each night

She relives each day without any memory of the day before.
She relives each day without any memory of the day before. Photo credit: Fox / Screenshot

A teenage girl is trapped in a real-life Groundhog Day after a bizarre accident caused her brain to reset every night.

North Carolina student Caitlin Little suffered a concussion in 2017 after she was hit in the head, which left her with anterograde amnesia - a condition where she can't make new memories since her accident.

"[The doctor] said, 'well this looks pretty bad. But in my experience 90 per cent of these resolve themselves in three weeks'," Caitlin's father, Chris, recalled him saying in an interview with WGHP.

"That was the magic number, three weeks," her mother Jennifer added. "We just need to make it to three weeks."

But three weeks passed and she failed to get better. Instead, 16-months later, she now wakes up every morning with no memory of what's happened the day before. Her father has to wake her up and tell her about the accident and what day it is.

"I'm always afraid that she's going to jump out of bed and tell me, 'It's wrong' and, 'It can't be.' And, why am I lying to her?" Mr Little told WGHP.

"So I'm always very hesitant everyday when I do it, but it's my job. I have to tell her."

According to WGHP, the most extreme reaction Caitlin has had to the revelation of her condition is surprise.

"The most that she's ever done is act very, very surprised. Or say something like, 'How can that be?" her father says.

"And when she does that, I explained to her that she has a journal. It's on her desk. She has Post-It Notes, read those and if she has any questions, come and see me in 15, 20 minutes."

Her condition has made schooling difficult as she doesn't remember who her teacher is or what she's learned.

"I come in and meet her and she doesn't know who I am," teacher Tracy Helms said.

"Every day, she doesn't know where her seat is in this class; she doesn't know who her teacher is.

"Every day is fresh and new to her, just like it's never been seen before."


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