Terrified Australian fishermen have fish stolen by crocodile in incredible footage

A fishing trip took an interesting turn for two Australian men when a large crocodile decided he was hungry.

The pair were fishing in Little Billabong, New South Wales, when they noticed a crocodile hanging around them.

"We'd been keeping an eye on a fairly large crocodile who had been hanging around, poking its head up as we fished," one of the men told Radio Darwin podcast Tales of the Tinny.

One of the men then hooked onto a "donkey of a barra" - which is unfortunately when the crocodile took a special interest in them.

"It started moving in on the fish, and everything started escalating from there."

As the man in the video starts to reel in the fish, the crocodile swims faster to match his speed. The crocodile was estimated to be 3.5 to 4 metres in length.

The crocodile then launches himself out of the water, swallowing the fish in one go.

The disbelief is clear in the video, as the man filming yells: "No! It's so big! He's swallowing it! The whole thing is gone! It's gone!"

The video has since gone viral, with many Facebook users applauding the men for trying to not let go of the fish.

"I love how his first thought was to run with the rod to keep the fish, not leg it from the croc himself."

Another user described it as "the best video of the year".

"Best video of the year award! You would need to wear brown pants on that day!"