Terrifying Michael Jackson meme sparks warning from Mexican police

Authorities in Mexico have warned of a terrifying meme that uses the face of Michael Jackson.

The meme claims the "Ayuwoki" character, named after a poor pronunciation of "Annie are you ok", shows up in a person's bedroom at 3am to shout Jackson's phrase "hee hee".

The character is based on a sculpture entitled "My Ghoul Jackson" after the singer's death in 2009.

The meme doesn't claim anyone would be hurt, but it's prompted a warning from police in the Sonora area of Mexico.

"Although a lot of people believe this is a kind of demon or ghost from the Internet, there is nothing supernatural in this matter," the Sonora Cybernetic Unit said on Twitter.

"The kids and teenagers are looking to share it and believe in it because it is trendy, which could generate sleep issues, panic or anxiety."

The new meme comes after a terrifying week on the internet due to the resurgence of a popular "Momo" meme.

Momo made headlines after images of Japanese artist Keisuke Aiso's creation reportedly appeared in the middle of children's videos on YouTube, threatening the viewers and their parents.

It also made headlines last year after reports surfaced of a challenge where Momo would tell participants to kill themselves. This was later revealed to be a hoax.