UK investigation into Madeleine McCann disappearance could be called off

The search for Madeleine McCann could be called off as the investigation has run out of funds.

The Metropolitan Police in the UK, who are leading the investigation, have applied to the Home Office for further funds. However as no new leads have been found, they may not get it, the Daily Mail reports.

Madeleine, then three years old, disappeared from her hotel room in Portugal in May 2007.

Her parents Gerry and Kate McCann were dining at a nearby restaurant with friends.

The disappearance sparked a massive manhunt in Portugal, but two investigations to date have not solved the mystery of what happened to Madeleine.

The Portuguese investigation ended in 2008, prompting the British police to launch their own one. 

Dubbed Operation Grange, it has already cost over $20 million. Last October the Home Office allocated another $300,000 of funding, but that runs out at the end of March. 

The Daily Mail reports a further $600,000 has been sought but no decision has been reached yet.

 A source close to the investigation told the Daily Mail the Home Office would be "clinical" in deciding whether to approve more funding.

"The bottom line is they need to be able to present an argument that suggests they still have stuff to do."

Madeleine's disappearance has fuelled a number of conspiracy theories over the years and there have been a number of 'sightings' of her, however the case has never been solved.

Netflix released a documentary about the case in March, but Mr and Mrs McCann refused to take part.


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