UK politicians back extending Brexit past March 29 deadline

UK politicians have voted to extend Brexit past the March 29 deadline, but have also rejected a second referendum.

The vote came after two days of chaos in the UK's House of Commons, where Prime Minister Theresa May's latest Brexit deal was rejected and a no-deal Brexit was also shunned.

Friday morning's vote, with 412 in favour and 202 against, acknowledged more time was needed to find a way for Britain to leave the European Union (EU).

After the vote, no one from the Government sought to speak in the House of Commons - which May has done after the two previous major votes - but Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn took the opportunity to remark on the choatic last two days.

"The Government has so dramatically failed [to find a solution]," he said.

The motion instructs May to seek an extension until June 30 from the EU. Any extension would need support from the remaining EU states.

A spokesperson for the European Commission released a statement following Friday's vote, saying stressing the extensions need for support.

"It will be for the European Council (Article 50) to consider such a request, giving priority to the need to ensure the functioning of the EU institutions and taking into account the reasons for and duration of a possible extension."

Earlier, an amendment tabled by members of The Independent Group, made up of former Labour and Conservative MPs, to secure a second referendum was defeated.

The House of Commons voted 334 to 85 to reject a second referendum, which has been criticised as premature.

Allegiances to May appear to be strained with her Ministers divided over whether to extend Brexit. Thursday's vote was meant to be a 'free vote', meaning MPs could vote as they wanted, but many ended up being whipped to vote as May wanted.

May is now using the threat of a long extension to get MPs to vote for her deal, with a third vote expected next week.

On Friday, May's Government also narrowly survived a motion giving MPs control of the Parliament's timetable.