Watch: Aussie inmate escapes prison van, disappears into bush

Dashcam footage has captured the dramatic moment an Australian prisoner escaped out the back of a prison van.

Six prisoners were being transported from Toowoomba to Brisbane on Wednesday morning (local time). Along the way one of them, a 29-year-old man, began kicking at the back doors.

Officers eventually stopped the van and got out to investigate what was going on. But the moment they opened the doors, the man bolted out and ran across the road, hands still cuffed in front of him.

It was raining at the time, making his getaway even more impressive.

Police gave chase, but the runaway made it into the dense bushland and disappeared from sight. Members of the public began to call in with reported sightings of the fugitive, leading to two Queensland schools being placed in lockdown.

Police say the man tried to break into a number of different cars and houses before he was found.

The dog squad finally tracked the man to a house in East Toowoomba. The prisoner tried to escape by jumping out a window, but was bitten on the hand by a dog and promptly arrested.

A woman was in the house at the time but she was not injured in the incident.

The man was already facing property offences - and now that he's back in police custody, is expected to be charged with escape from lawful custody.

Acting Inspector Jason Hopgood told media police would investigate how he was able to give officers the slip and escape the van.

"We'll be looking at what took place and what we can do in terms of our procedure to ensure it doesn't happen again."


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