Watch: Avalanche hits cars on Colorado highway

A dashboard camera has captured the moment an avalanche struck the car of a family driving home from a Colorado ski slope.

The wall of snow engulfs a number of cars on a two-lane highway without warning.

Shaune Goleman told Denver7 that, while his family were unhurt, the experience was certainly dramatic.

"As soon as it hit the truck everything changed, you just felt the power of it and the force.

"It literally shifted the truck sideways off the road and at the same time we were blind," Mr Goleman said.

No serious injuries were reported, but some stranded drivers had to dig their cars out of the snow.

The Colorado Avalanche Information Centre (CAIC) said the natural avalanche was likely a category 3, capable of destroying a home, Denver7 reported.

Avalanches in this region are common at this time of year and have caused 18 fatalities so far in 2019.


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