Watch: Chinese man fights smoker in elevator while holding toddler

An irate dad has been filmed punching a man in the face, after the man refused to put out his cigarette.

Footage of the brawl, which took place inside a lift, was captured by CCTV in Shenzhou City in China's eastern province of Zhejiang.

The video shows a man holding a small toddler arguing with another younger man in an orange jacket, holding a cigarette.

A woman standing behind the furious father quickly takes the baby out of his arms, as the situation starts to escalate.

Suddenly, the older man shoves the younger one and collars him, then swiftly punches him the face.

The younger man tries to fight back but is overpowered by the older one. As the lift doors open, the pair tumble out and continues to brawl on the floor.

Both men were later summoned by police, but no charges were pressed, reports 7 News.

The older man, Lu, says they were both to blame.

"He blew smoke in my face, and things turned unpleasant after I pushed him," he said.

The local police station chief said it was the other man, Chen, who called police.

"During questioning, Chen recognised his wrongdoing and apologise to Lu for smoking inside the lift," he said.

"Lu accepted his apology, and agreed to cover his medical bills and other fees."

Lu has since compensated Chen NZ$325.



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