'We're witnessing a miracle': US girls, 5 and 8, found after days missing in woods

US authorities said it was a "miracle" when two young girls were found alive after two days missing in the Californian bush.

Leia Carrico, 8, and Caroline Carrico, 5, went missing on March 1 (local time) after they wandered into a wooded area near their home in Eureka, California.

In a press conference, the Humboldt County Sheriff's Office said they were "all witnessing a miracle" as officers announced the girls had been found alive and well.

"This was rugged territory, it was an extreme environment and how they were out there for 44 hours is amazing and shows an extreme resilience."

"These girls definitely have a survival story to tell. They were trained in outdoor survival, and we believe that did play a part."

Lieutenant Mike Fridley said the rescue team was hopeful after they found granola bar wrappers and prints from the girls' boots, leading them in the right direction.

They said over 100 people had assisted in the search, with authorities as well as volunteers pitching in to scour the woods for the pair.

One mother and son drove 90 minutes to assist in the search for the girls.

"Our first responders had fresh warm clothing that they put on the girls and gave them some water. Our first assessment of them was that they were dehydrated but they were well."


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