Wheelchair user hitches ride holding onto truck on South African motorway

Video of a man in a wheelchair holding on to the back of a truck hurtling down a South African motorway has gone viral with people amazed by his stupidity.

Twitter user Dzhavhelo1 posted the video on Tuesday and it has since been watched 156,000 times.

It shows the disabled man, suspected to be from Pretoria, clinging on to the back of a truck with his right arm. He then lets go and moves behind a red car driving in the left-hand lane, before crossing another lane.

Reports say he and the vehicle were travelling at around 80km/h.

Some replies to the video on Twitter say the man may have done this before with another video surfacing the next day of a man in a wheelchair pulling an eerily similar manoeuvre.

The South African Road Traffic Management Corporation strongly discourages anyone from copying the dangerous stunt.

"In a country where we lose close to 14,000 people annually as a result of road crashes this is totally unacceptable.

"We condemn this dangerous behaviour."

The man has not been identified.


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