'Who made them? A witch?': Terrified 5yo boy calls police on Momo

A terrified five-year-old from New Mexico in the US has called the police on Momo, imploring them to track down the scary internet creature.

Momo has recently made headlines after images of Japanese artist Keisuke Aiso's creation reportedly appeared in the middle of children's videos on YouTube, threatening the viewers and their parents.

It also made headlines last year after reports surfaced of a challenge where Momo would tell participants to kill themselves. This was later revealed to be a hoax.

Giovanni Pedroz's parents said they told their son to tell them if he saw Momo.

"I just close my eyes and was thinking that the 'Momo Challenge' was right there," Giovanni told the 911 dispatcher that took his call.

"Who made them? Who made them? A witch?" he later added.

Dispatcher Natalie Gurule did her best to explain the phenomenon to the scared child, saying Momo was not real and had been created by mean people.

"It's not real, and if anybody asks you to do anything like that you always tell your mom and dad," she said.

"Are you going to find her?" Giovanni responded.

"Yes. We're going to find out who did it, okay? But that picture that you see, that's not real. It's just pretend," Ms Gurule said.

Giovanni later went to the police station to meet Ms Gurule in person, and was given a teddy bear, badges and a flashlight.


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