Add this Aussie ex-gang member to the list of those regretting facial tattoos

A former bikie gang leader whose face is heavily tattooed has told a court he now finds the ink embarrassing.

Australian man Troy Fornaciari appeared in the Wollongong Local Court on Thursday charged with a host of gang-related activities, including drug and gun possession.

According to the Illawarra Mercury, Fornaciari's defence lawyer Graeme Morrison told the court that his client wanted to change his criminal lifestyle and removing the tattoos was part of that plan.

His face is currently inked with the words "Not Guilty" in running script on his left cheek, "In Gods Hands" (sic) on his chin and "Tuff Luck" in capital letters on his eyelids.

Fornaciari's story is similar to New Zealand ex-inmate Mark Cropp's, who has the word 'DEVEST8' - his nickname - tattooed across the lower half of his face.

Mark Cropp
Mark Cropp. Photo credit: The Project

Cropp's story went global after he took his job search to social media.

"Im keen as to work but have one thing that is stoping me and thats my tattoo on my face,[sic]" he said on Facebook in July 2017 after his release from prison, prompting dozens of job offers and an offer for free laser tattoo removal by Auckland company Sacred Laser.

However, after part of the '8' was removed in his first laser session, Cropp decided not to continue the treatment.