Another suspected victim of Cyprus's first serial killer found in suitcase

Another suspected victim of Cyprus's first serial killer found in suitcase
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A suitcase containing the remains of a woman has been discovered at the bottom of a lake in Cyprus.

The woman is believed to be one of the seven victims of Cyprus's first serial killer. Her body is the fourth to be found.

Her remains were discovered on Sunday in a man-made lake 32 kilometres west of Cyprus's capital of Nicosia. Tests are underway to identify her.

In early April, the body of 38-year-old Marry Rose Tiburcio, from the Philippines was found in a flooded shaft near the lake.

Tiburcio and her six-year-old daughter had been missing since May 2018.

This grisly discovery spurred a homicide investigation, and after scouring Tiburcio's online messages, a 35-year-old Greek-Cypriot army officer was arrested, reports BBC.

The arrested man confessed to murdering seven women and children over the past three years. 

He told police he had put the bodies of three victims into suitcases and thrown them in to the lake. A second body, thought to be that of 28-year-old Arian Palanas Lozano, was discovered in the same place a few days later.

The lake contains high levels of toxic heavy metals from a nearby copper pyrite mine, Fire Service Chief Marcos Trangolas told Gulf News.

Authorities used robotic cameras to scour the lake, and then dived in protective suits due to the toxicity, reports Sky News.

The accused murderer then led police to a well at a firing range, where the body of an unidentified woman of Nepalese or Indian descent was discovered, reports BBC.

A Romanian mother and her young daughter, who went missing in September 2016, are thought to be two more of his victims.

Tiburcio's daughter is also believed to be a victim.

Cypriot authorities are facing criticism regarding their investigation, with people claiming the case was not taken seriously, because all the victims were foreign.

"Unprecedented indifference was shown simply because these people were not of Cypriot origin but came from foreign countries," leader of communist political party AKEL, Andros Kyprianou, told BBC.

Police will investigate the handling of the case.



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