Outrage as baby T-Rex fossil listed for sale on eBay

A T-Rex fossil skeleton.
Photo credit: Getty

The US scientific community is outraged after the fossil of a baby T-Rex was listed for sale on eBay for almost US$3 million.

The eBay listing says it's most likely the only T-Rex in the world, with a 4.6 metre body and a 21 inch skull, with serrated teeth.

The skeleton is believed to be the property of the man who discovered it, Alan Detrich, who lent it to the University of Kansas Natural History Museum, The Guardian reports.

The Society of Vertebrate Palaeontology has criticised both Detrich and the university, for helping to increase the value of the fossil, and acting as a shop window for potential buyers.

T-Rex eBay listing.
Photo credit: Supplied/eBay

In a letter published last week, it said it was "regrettable" the fossil was exhibited before it could be studied, The Guardian reports.

"That action, which brought the fossil to the attention of hundreds or thousands of visitors, potentially enhanced its commercial value."

In a statement on Twitter, museum director Leonard Krishtalka said the exhibit has now been removed and returned to Detrich.

"We have asked that the owner remove any association with us from his sale listing."

The Guardian says so far no one has expressed interest in paying the asking price.


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