Black racial equality boss sacked for racism against white man

She harassed a male co-worker because of his race.
She harassed a male co-worker because of his race. Photo credit: The Kings Trust / Twitter

A top black racial equality boss has been sacked from her £100,000-a-year job (NZ$190,000) for being racist against a white co-worker.

Dr Vivienne Lyfar-Cissé, 58, was supposed to champion racial equality at her NHS trust in the UK.

But she lost her job after telling a colleague he was "everything she despised in a white manager". She also "bullied and victimised" a female colleague for being LGBT.

Lyfar-Cissé was fired in 2017 after a year-long investigation, The Mirror reports. She appealed the decision to an employment tribunal, but lost.

"The allegations were of threatening or abusive conduct, racially discriminatory conduct and harassment, and also of victimisation," Judge Christopher Baron said.

"The main factual allegation was that the claimant (Dr Lyfar-Cisse) had said that Mr W was everything she despised in a white manager."

Two of the four specific allegations were upheld and Judge Baron ruled that she had discriminated against the complainant by making a negative racial remark about him.

As a result, "without any doubt" the trust was right to sack her for harassment.

She also faced 17 allegations relating towards a woman, known as Ms B. Judge Baron said these related to "comments and actions relating to the sexual orientation of Ms B, and also to an alleged breach of confidentiality concerning the contents of a grievance raised by Ms B".

Three of these allegations were upheld.

But there could be more legal battles ahead. Dr Lyfar-Cissé told The Mirror that while she's "not in a position to comment on the judgement given", she intends to lodge an appeal.


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