Brits would happily give up their best friend for NZ$250,000 - study

Two women taking a selfie.
The research shows women would give up their best friend for about NZ$206,000. Photo credit: Getty

New research shows Brits would be willing to say goodbye to their best friend for £131,000.

The study, commissioned by online bingo site Foxy Bingo, questioned 2000 men and women about how much money it would take to ditch their best friend.

About 40 percent of the participants admitted they would bin their mate for the right amount, the study says.

Results show, of those asked, women would give up their friend for about NZ$206,000. Men, however, would require nearly NZ$350,000.

The study also indicates some 15 percent of participants confessed to bad-mouthing a friend behind their back.

Seven percent of participants also made the admission they had previously flirted with their friend's partner, the study says. A further six percent went as far as kissing them.


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